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     Hello, welcome to M. J.Wase 


 ' Images of the Natural  World'

I was born and have lived on the North Norfolk coast all my life.

I have been fascinated by the Natural world from the very beginning & at the age of thirteen was voted UK's Amateur Naturalist of the year for my study and conservation work with British amphibians. My reward was to spend a week with the late Gerald & Lee Durrell at their Zoo in Jersey in conjunction with the channel 4 television series  'The Amateur Natralist'.

North Norfolk, my home, with its beautiful piece of coastline & its wild inhabitants has been the inspiration that has led to my Photography. Living here has given me the chance Photograph some of the most amazing Landscapes & Wildlife found anywhere in the country.

I hope my images inspire others to enjoy and preserve these important habitats of the North Norfolk Coast.


Please note that prices and sizes below are the regular sizes although many of my images can be made into canvases of a PACIFIC SIZE if required. Some images can be cropped to give a panoramic image or a square image but this is usually done while clients can view the image here at 'The Country Cabin' so i can get their approval of what the image looks like before they go ahead with it. If you are sure of what you want, i can take payments by phone and then ship them to you. PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me for any help or information.

See bottom of this page for image shapes & click in the bottom right hand corner to show txt.

Photographic Prints are done in just one size, (12" x 18") which can be bought just mounted or mounted & Framed. The mounted prints fit in a standard size 16" x 20" frame which i do in Dark brown, Pine or Black.

CANVASES -  Regular Rectangle sizes (Inches)

10" X 15" - £45.00   + £5.00 p+p

15" x 23" - £75.00   + £10.00 p+p

20" x 30" - £95.00  + £12.00 p+p

30" x 40" - £195.00  + £15.00 p+p

CANVASES - Panoramic sizes (Inches)

10" x 24" - £55.00  + £7.00 p+p

12" x 38" - £95.00  + £12.00 p+p

20" x 50" - £155.00 + 15.00 p+p

CANVASES - Square Crop Images (Inches)

12" x 12" - £45.00  + £5.00 p+p

15" x 15" - £55.00  + £7.00 p+p

20" x 20" - £75.00  + £10.00 p+p

30" x 30" - £105.00  + £15.00 p+p


12" X 18" Mounted Prints - £35.00  = £5.00 p+p

12" x18" Mounted & Framed Prints - £65.00 + £10.00  p+p

Landscape (Rectangle)
Portrait (Rectangle)
Square Crop

Landscape (Rectangle) Portrait (Rectangle) Square Crop Panoramic
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